My Review for "Foretold" book 4

Foretold (The Forsaken Saga, #4)Foretold by Sophia Sharp

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No is the last book , i do not want it to end , i need so much more of this series, i can not get enough of. However it did let me down a little towards the end so that is why i only give it a 4 stars and that is because i love the series.

The plot like always runs around the fours of them only that in this book they will introduce more characters and wired creatures. Love how strong Nora has become and the love and respect that has build with Gray . Again Nora is the one to save everyone after she has been saved by Gray even if it meant to get himself hurt ( i was so sad in this chapter). Finally after so much danger they find something that could help them take the elders down and star living a normal life as they could ( but that dream has a big price that they all have to pay and is in blood).

Towards the end i feel that Nora has became more 'soft' ( okay she is hurt and needs help but not as much, in my opinion she can still deal with things a little different and clear mind...if she has one because when it comes to Hunter she only uses her heart) and forgives (or forgets ) people doing her wrong more easy then before. However i still enjoy every minute of it i spend reading and again i finished it in one day .

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