My Review for "Rentless" book 3

Relentless (The Forsaken Saga, #3)Relentless by Sophia Sharp

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can i tell you again and again to start reading this amazing series that will drive you crazy every time you are forced to put the book down. However is not that i did not just love reading this book that i give only 4.5 stars is just somehow i fell that something is missing from the book i can not explain it, maybe i will understand in the next book.

The plot in this book runs around Nora, Alexander, Madison and of course Hunter that together try to create a plan to get the elders down ( more exact to kill them so they can stop running and start living a normal life). Again in this book we are taken on the journeys that this group if forced to make only to find themselves with more questions then answers or get caught. However Nora finds out how strong is her connection with Gray (the bear) and how much they all need him everywhere they go.

What i do not understand is if the angels are now on their side and know so much about the elders why can they help the group by telling them how to take the elders down or what to do to keep themselves alive. I am pleased to find out that Madison and Alexander are still helping them but more that they were right about what Rafael know and the fact that he could help them alot on this journey.

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