My Review for "Revelation" book 2

Revelations (The Forsaken Saga, #2)Revelations by Sophia Sharp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can not put it words how much i love this series and the writing, the way Sophia Sharp used the words to drag you into the book and give you enough details to develop your own idea ( but wrong most of the time, that is what makes it even a more amazing book the way will change the path of the character without driving the reader crazy). This book (series) deserves more then 5 stars and more people should read it to see how right i am.

Nora 'adventures' continue in this book but not without having her heart step on again and again , and finding support from where she never even thought to sick for it. However in this book Nora has to learn so many things because she has been literally reborn in a new and stronger self that gives her more confidence she could get away from her enemies. Also because of the circumstances she will find herself looking for a healer that gives her more then she asks for and what she finds in the end gives her a 'breakdown'. She ends up to be more stronger then all the vazis ever created before and able to control the thirst until able to use it in her favor.

I can not tell you how fast i read this book and how much i enjoyed every page that carry me into the oblivious fantasy world of the dream walkers.

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