My review for "Morganville Vampire" Omnibus 2

The Morganville Vampires, #4-6The Morganville Vampires, #4-6 by Rachel Caine

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This is a volume that contain 3 books from the series from 4-6 : "Feast of Fools" , "Lord of Misrule" , "Carpe Corpus"...i have reread this book when i found it in a library.

'Feast Of Fools' in this book Claire and her friends find out that Amelie is not the oldest vampire, Bishop is her father, which had caned into Morganville to get revenge on his daughter for stealing his book. He takes Claire and her friends under his control, messing with their heads.Everyone realizes that Bishop can be very dangerous when Amelie and Olive work together to save Morganville (i didn't see that coming. However this series how we know from the previous books is about the love between Claire and Shane, which it get a lot more steamer(THEY Both STOP WHY). However in this book Claire is jealous because one of Bishop vampire pet Ysandre wants Shane and she shows that right in Claires face (Shane try to escape but the vampire b. uses her powers to overwhelm him and to obey her with no will).

This is an incredible book will keep you reading from the beginning to the end whiteout wanting to sleep. There are so many things happening that will not even thing about.

"Lord of Misrule" in this book Claire has to obey Bishop or everyone she cares about dies. Vampires start walking during daylight, some of them die, and they can't find an explanation for it. Now Claire doesn't know in who to trust because everyone is turning against her. *spoilers alert* When Claire follows Myrnin with Michael to go save Amelie well it turns out it was a trap by Myrnin for Bishop to get to Claire and capture Michael(all the vampires they were like robots).
To be honest i do not remember if is in this book or Cape Corpus but *spoilers* Bishop bites Claire.
So many ups and down it is amazing how plot is thought. Just love this book.

"Cape Corpus" is full of action, so many thing happening.Shane's father get what he hated the most in his life (vampires) with no choice but to work with them. *spoilers* Now something to make everyone happy Claire and Shane finally given in to their "needs" and love each other to the fullest (so happy, had to read few time couldn't believe it finally happen). The final battle between Amelie and Bishop it will be at the 'costume party' where Bishop had invited the hall town. Vampires came in each with a human pet. Well at least we find out who is on what side. Even Claire parents were invited so she can be a "good girl" for Bishop.

This volume is just amazing is so full of surprises, action and less love the only parts is just once with Shane and Claire.

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