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Of Flame and Light: A Weird Girls Novel by Cecy Robson,
 a Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Series is on tour now.

About the Book

Taran Wird holds the unique ability to conjure fire and lightning. She is mated to Gemini, Second in Command to the Squaw Valley Pack of the Lake Tahoe Region, and the sole werewolf to possess the ability to split into two wolves. And although they are mates, Taran's insecurities have driven them apart.
Devastated by an injury that left her with a zombie-like limb, Taran struggles to regain command over her magic. But when her arm and her power turn against her, lashing out on those she most loves, she knows she can no longer carry this burden alone. Not that she likes the alternative.
The only way to regain control of her magic is to align and learn from the local coven of witches―the very ones who sought to banish her when she and her three unique sisters first moved to the mystical region. But although Taran is trying, the teachings don't come easy, and the tasks leave her weak and emotionally shattered.
Yet Taran must learn and learn fast. Time is running out. The fire she once mastered so easily has become her greatest adversary and is now slowly burning her alive.

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Cecy Robson is an award-winning author of magical realms, to-die-for Alpha heroes, and young adult adventure. A double RITA® 2016 finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, and published author of more than fifteen titles, you can typically find her on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.

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Excerpt #1 

Son of a bitch. 
I groan as I roll onto my back. I’d like to say this is the first time I’ve been knocked unconscious. I’d also like to say my boobs are the same size, but hey, such is my life. 
Dirt. All I sense is that and dank heaviness that accompanies a . . . cave? Through the fog taking up residency along my brain, I make out a dim glow. It takes me a moment to realize it’s coming from my light-saber arm. I push up on my hands, grimacing when my fingers sink into the soil. Yet it’s what I see when I glance up that has me scrambling to my feet. 
A lonely hand scuttles by me, chasing after a rat. Oh, but it gets better. I press my back against a dirt wall as a foot hops by, chasing after the hand, that’s chasing after the rat, with a decapitated head rolling —I shit you not—merrily behind them. 
It’s like some kind of fucked up nursery rhyme. I don’t want to know the next verse, especially not with the collection of zombies gathering from all sides. These are different from the ones who pulled us onto shore. Their grisly faces are more emaciated and their bodies are in a more advance stage of decomposing. As they shuffle toward me, pieces of their skin fall in small moist clumps. 
I hold out my hand. “Stay back.” 
They collectively moan. 
And move closer. 
I grit my teeth, summoning that spark from deep in my core. The dank air seems to enclose around me, giving me a chill and snuffing out my inner heat.  
Shit, shit, shit. 
On wobbly legs, I slide my back against the dirt wall, my hands out. The zombies gather closer, cocking their heads, their empty sockets mesmerized by the glow of my arm. At first, I think they’re simply curious. But then their short thick tongues push forward, appearing to lick what’s left of their lips. 
I jump when another hand scrambles by, its pinky brushing against my foot. My back presses against the dirt wall as I slide against it. I’m not sure where to go. I only know I can’t stay here. 
I bang my fists against the wall, trying to stimulate my fire. My left hand doesn’t react, tensing uselessly. But that spark I so need triggers from my right arm, igniting flames along the path of my blue veins only to putter out.  
Come on, light 

Excerpt #2 

I punch the wall harder, the effect causing another spark. 
The zombies limp forward, closing in, reaching out. 
I jerk from fear and pain when a root pokes me in the back. I can’t be too far from the surface. That doesn’t mean I can see a way out.  
I punch at the wall, the small space I managed to put between me and the zombies quickly disappearing. Come on. Come on. Light. 
A woman with no ears tugs at my hair. 
Please, light. 
A boy, no more than four grips my waist. 
God damn it, light! 
The long dark tunnel explodes in a wash of blue and white as my arm catches fire. 
I gasp from its viciousness and its sudden arrival. “Okay, thanks,” I say, wishing I didn’t fear it as much as I do. 
The zombies have stopped, appearing stunned as their absent stares focus on the light. I think that I’m in a good spot, and that at least for now, I’m safe and can find my family. 
Until the little dead boy at my waist grabs my arm and detonates to ash. 
My screams echo along the dirt tunnel, the sob that follows lodging in my chest when the zombies hurtle themselves forward and knock me down. Hands reach for me, batting at my skin. I think they’re trying to kill me. But it’s not until my arm blows them to bits that I realize they’re trying to re-die. 
I push up on my legs, shoving the mounds of heavy ash away and take off running. I keep my arm out and away out of habit. Yet despite the intense heat, it’s not singeing me—not like before. But like moths to a flame, the zombies stagger forward.  
They’re not fast, but neither am I. The stones poking through the ground make it hard to maneuver, and so does the narrowing tunnel. I’m sure I’m going the wrong way, and burying myself deeper, until I catch a small trace of sunlight in the distance. 
The pitiful howls and the moans of the zombies overtake the small space. They’re close. All of them. But I don’t dare look back.

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