My Review for "Lady Midnight" book 1

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

WARNING i liked the book but hate some things about it, that made me stop reading any book for few days. I will give an overall 2.9 stars because I did enjoy it (maybe I expected to much from it...If you want a real reaction to this book check it here and love the cover. Took me some time to put my thoughts about this book in order and express my felling as good as possible.

The plot for me it was up and down, at some points I felt that it will pick up then again going everywhere. This book is based on the life of Emma and the Blackthorn family (who I came very fond of them since the mortal instruments series), the way that they try to raise the kids in London. We have a new head warlock introduce that helps the family how he can, and one very important family member will be joining the family again.

What makes me happy is that now and then we have our lovely characters from all the series coming in every now and then helping with something, giving advice (one that ruined me and maybe hate the last two chapters ). Lots of questions that you have about shadowhunters will be answered in this book (and other questions will appear). Felt that this book is very predictable to me, like after few chapters in I already knew what will start happening before it was happening.

Ok For Everyone that HAS read this book you have to understand why do I feel like this about the book , because of how much drama will be for sure in the 2nd book and how Emma's choice will hurt the Blackthorn's family, not just that particular person ( everything will change, more danger will appear , you guys know from what character that is alive again, and the change in Julian ppl will hurt everyone around also...I hate drama, because in the end will happen what they tried to stop).

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