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SchizoSchizo by Nic Sheff

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Warning This is a sensitive topic for me, so this Review may be a little hard for some people to read. I am trying my best not to hurt anyone's feelings, and this book has Triggers that does not include just the ones that have this illness.

I need it time to write this review, to put all my thoughts about this book into words. It is hard , too hard to talk about it, to even think about it. Since Me Before You It has not been another book to make me cry so bad, but at the same time touch me so much to the point it physically hurt.

Before I start my review I have to say that I was very scared into reading this book, because I have dealt with someone that I care about so much which is in the same condition. I was afraid it will not portray the illness properly ( or did not have the right information, but I was wrong , so wrong) and I will hate it, because in my opinion if you do not know much about any mental illness then you should do as much research as possible (even talk with people that go through it) or do not even write the book. Even though in the first few chapters were a little slow not to interesting and maybe a little confusing (which it was to be expected ) , after that I had to put down the book and little take take to catch my breath from so much crying and calm down.

(here is the link to me reading the book and reacting to it Jump to 7 minutes if you do not want to see the whole video )

Miles is an amazing teenager that is trying to have as a normal high school life as possible while dealing with schizo (that's how he call is it most of the time). After few chapter in , he will take us back when he had his first episode (meaning his first break down , for those that do not know), and why he is feeling so guilty. The whole time he is trying to make his family happy, and the only way he can is by trying to find his missing brother. How can it

His character development is done so well,it is written like the writer is the one battle this illness(that is how well is portrait the mental illness). After finishing the book, I am positive that the writer he wrote the book based on someone that he knows. While reading the book I was like Listening to Miles telling me his schizo story and understanding his pain. His pain was my mentally and physical one at the entire book (especially the main events).

It hurts writing this review, I have been writing , reading and deleting, because is a very good book, and a very sensitive topic (that is not talk to much about, which is bad) and I have to be careful what to say... not to be misunderstood or create any triggers for anyone.

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